Whether your goal is to finish first or, maybe, just to finish, Triton Swimming and Triathlon Team can help make your next triathlon or open-water swimming experience less frantic and more focused. By training with a group of like-minded athletes of all ability levels under the direction of coaches with decades of experience in the swimming world, you’ll learn techniques and processes that will allow you to be at the peak of readiness on race day - readiness that will get your race off to a great start.


Triton Swimming and Triathlon Team (TSTT) is a U.S. Masters-chartered team for athletes aged 18 and older. TSTT members compete at all levels in triathlon, multi-sport, open-water and Masters pool events across California and the United States.


Come join us for a couple of free trial workouts and see whether we can’t help you make it to the

starting line of your next race carrying the most valuable piece of gear you will ever have: the confidence of knowing that YOU will be master of the swim and never again the other way around.

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